We can help you decide if bankruptcy is the best option for you. Our process is fairly simple.

Family Law

Family Law

Divorce can be expensive. We believe in the ability to work through the divorce proceedings with as little conflict as possible.

COVID-19 Procedure Changes

COVID-19 Procedure Changes

Our office has made some changes to keep you – and us – safe during COVID-19.

Not your ordinary law firm, and proud of it.

Pay me for work, not frills

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About Us

About Us

What sets WKLO apart: we just aren’t your ordinary law firm. We do our part for the health of the community, be it providing accessible legal service, wearing masks, or providing community connections.

We believe that high quality work can be done on a low-cost basis, giving everyone access to affordable legal representation.

We believe in being paid for the work that we do, not the frills often associated with law firms. Your work will be done well; it just will not continue to sink your financial situation.

We understand the need in our community and we are here to provide it.

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Client Stories

Anastasia is very good at what she does. She helped me though a lot and now I feel like a whole new person.


Anastasia is a dedicated, hard working lawyer. She keeps you informed and educates you on the entire process, so you know what to expect and obtain the very best service for your specific situation. She is honest, friendly, and understanding. I never felt judged or looked down on – in fact she helped me see there was no shame in my situation. She goes the extra mile. I have and will recommend her service to anyone I know!


Anastasia has helped me with the beginning stages of filing for a divorce. She has an easy-to-use packet to fill out that makes everything less intimidating. I am glad that she has been there to answer my questions.


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