The office will be following the following practices until the safety of everyone can be ensured.


  1. You will be sent all required paperwork via email or you can download it at under “Bankruptcy.” All paperwork must be returned, but please KEEP all information, FAQs, and basic notices.
  2. All papers will be reviewed for accuracy, completeness, and any issues. You will be contacted immediately if you are missing any documentation or if an issue is discovered.
  3. There will be a virtual meeting on Google Meet (it is free to download) and you will come into the office to sign your petition or we will, again, do it over Google Meet. If you choose to sign your documents virtually, they must be mailed or dropped off at my office mail stop within three (3) days.
  4. Your court hearing, or a 341 Meeting of Creditors, will most likely be telephonic. The Department of Justice has issued instruction that we are to stay telephonic until 60 days past the Executive Order.
  5. 1616 W 2nd Avenue is ACE4SPACE STORAGE. This is my landlord and my official USPS mail stop. It is secure, 2 people have keys (my landlord and his assistant), and it is locked most hours due to COVID restrictions.
  6. I cannot work on your petition without all of your paperwork. Bringing it in piece by piece only extends your time for filing. Every attorney should be asking you for the same information – I simply ask for it UP FRONT so that I can give you the best possible consultation (still free!). I want your experience to be smooth, understandable, and something you are comfortable with doing. Constant running back and forth for a single document makes this a stressful process for everyone involved. Knowing up front what issues you may face, plus what chapter of bankruptcy you file, will help alleviate the stress of the process.
  7. THERE ARE NO DROP-INS AT THE OFFICE DURING THIS TIME. While I have always encouraged everyone to stop by when they have a question, I’m encouraging you to text (509) 326-3600 for the fastest response.
  8. PDF email is the best possible method to get documents to me. If you use an iPhone, the Notes application will allow you to take a picture of your document and email it as a PDF. I suggest downloading a free JPEG to PDF application on your phone to send in pictures of paystubs, one-page documents, or anything that may bring you concern. Please name your file with the title of the attached document. Documents can be faxed to (509) 326-3624.
  9. You will get frustrated. I will get frustrated. This is frustrating because it is a large process. We’ll get through it.
  10. Please remember to keep sending any bank statements and paystubs as you go along – they are never not needed.